Dr Anta SANE


Dr Anta SANE

Secrétaire Générale du Conseil économique social et environnemental (CESE)


Dr. Anta SANE currently holds the position of Secretary-General of the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council (CESE), the third constitutional institution of Senegal. She is the first woman to assume this high-ranking role within the Senegalese administration.

Before this, she taught Political Science and International Relations at Howard University in Washington D.C. She also served as the Executive Director of the Give1Project, an organization dedicated to youth development and empowering young leaders.

Her political engagement extends further as she was a member of the Fundraising Committee for the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. She was also a member of the Democratic National Committee in the United States, demonstrating her interest in international political issues. Furthermore, she is highly active in promoting women's empowerment, youth entrepreneurship, and gender equality. Dr. SANE has received several national and international awards in recognition of her work.

Her extensive academic background, involvement in civil society, and engagement in international politics make her a multidimensional personality with diverse skills and significant contributions. As a Panelist at the Senegal-Nigeria Economic Forum (FESEN), she will bring her valuable expertise to enrich the discussions at this prestigious event.

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