Mr. Mouhamadou Fadel KONE

Fadel KONE

Mr. Mouhamadou Fadel KONE

CEO of KONE Consulting SN - Chairman of Mouvement ACCES


Mouhamadou Fadel KONE is a Senegalese civil engineer and graduate of the Polytechnic School. After two years of work in Senegal, where he supervised major projects such as the construction of social housing in Zac Mbao and water supply in the regions of Kaolack and Fatick, Mr. KONE continued his studies at the School of Engineers and Architects in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Back in Senegal, he took on the role of Project Manager for the construction of the iconic 5-star hotel "Terrou Bi." In 2009, he also contributed to the riverbank protection project in Kayes, Mali. His expertise was instrumental in the construction of the majestic headquarters of Orange - SONATEL Senegal.

In 2017, Mr. KONE founded KONE Consulting SN, a company that promoted job creation and played a crucial role in training and integrating thousands of young people in Senegal. Among his notable achievements are the development of 160 hectares in Somone, the construction of 08 military buildings, as well as various real estate projects across the country.

Mouhamadou Fadel KONE also lent his expertise to the construction of the National Assembly headquarters in Benin. In 2021, he founded the political movement ACCES (Actors of Civic Engagement and Citizenship for the Emergence of Senegal). Thanks to their hard work, ACCES supported youth and women's groups through training and insertion programs, making a significant contribution to the advancement of Senegalese society.

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