Mr. Roger Boissy

Mr. Roger Boissy

Chairman, Stand for Africa NGO


Roger Boissy is a financial engineer, international consultant, and specialist in international relations, originally from Senegal. His remarkable journey is characterized by his determination to succeed despite the challenges. Having gained valuable experience within French multinational corporations and at the Central Bank of West African States, he has demonstrated his skills in financial management.

Passionate about student unionism, Roger Boissy was elected President of the General Union of Senegalese Students and Interns in 2011, and later won the elections for the General Confederation of African Students and Interns in 2012. This experience bolstered his leadership and commitment to African youth.

In the United States, M. Boissy faced financial challenges while working in various odd jobs, but this did not deter him. He pursued his studies in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Houston. Simultaneously, he worked as a consultant for the Hyland William Consultancy Firm in Cleveland, Ohio, and was subsequently promoted to the position of Manager of State Parking Services.

His success as Chief Financial Officer at Ralph Lauren, where he oversaw a team of 45 employees, is a testament to his excellence in financial management and rapid ascent in the business world.

However, Roger Boissy's talents extend beyond the business realm. He is also a dedicated philanthropist. He founded G.A.C CONSULTING, an international consultancy firm specializing in investment promotion and business internationalization. His firm has advised major American and African companies.

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Texas-Africa Chamber of Commerce, Roger actively promotes trade between American and African businesses. His dedication to Africa is further underscored by his role as the Founding President of STAND FOR AFRICA, an NGO present in 18 African countries, aimed at uniting Afro-descendants in the pursuit of revalorizing the African continent.

Roger Boissy serves as an inspiring example of a successful entrepreneur and financier who, through determination and commitment, has achieved excellence in both the business world and the philanthropic arena.

Mr. Boissy is a candidate for the presidential election of Senegal in 2024.

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